Amiran Farmer's Kit

The Amiran Farmer’The Amiran Farmer’s Kit (AFK) is a complete set of tools for sustainable farming and has proven to be a way out farming for many, who are suffering from food insecurity and a pro-active route to improving livelihood in many communities. Bringing a Holistic approach to agribusiness the AFK represents a new dawn in Agriculture.  Amiran’s approach to successful, sustainable agribusiness rest on 3 pillars: Knowledge, Knowhow, High Quality Inputs.

By purchasing the entire kit, which is comprised of the highest farming inputs for a whole season of growing crops, in the open  field as well as in the green house, the farmer has the highest possible chances to succeed using this modern Sustainable Agribusiness Farming Unit, which has been designed and tailored for the success of the small scale farmer. Thousands of Amiran Farmers, who have entered the world of Amiran and purchased an Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK), have aligned themselves with these 3 pillars to success and with Amiran’s motto - THE FARMER’S MUST SUCCEED!