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The Amiran Farmer's Kit (AFK)


The Amiran Farmer's Kit (AFK)


Amiran Farmers Kit


The Complete Solution for the Best Harvest!


The Amiran Farmer's Kit (AFK) was created with the aim of allowing small scale farmers affordable access to modern agricultural methods, technologies and inputs of the highest standard.

The AFK was envisioned and designed by  Mr. Yariv Kedar, Head of Agro Division, Amiran Kenya Ltd.  Based on years of agricultural experience in the field, the AFK is intended to offer small scale farmers a cost effective means of achieving better yields for their crops.

The AFK is a tailor made kit designed to meet the needs of the specific farmer or group of farmers by adapting the components of the Kit to suit the climate, terrain, and agricultural experience of the farmer.

The AFK includes, among other components, the Family Drip System (FDS), an easy to use irrigation system, which relies on gravity and does not require a power source.

For close to a decade now, the FDS has been tried and tested across the globe producing impressive results and allowing small scale farmers a cost effective means of harnessing the drip irrigation method to their needs.

The AFKs are custom made by Amiran Kenya Ltd for individuals and specific groups of farmers and include all the necessary ingredients required for one season's successful harvest of a selected crop.


The Amiran Farmer's Kit (AFK) Components;

  • Farmer's Greenhouse: 8x15 Mini Greenhouse Tunnel
  • Drip Irrigation System: The Family Drip System suitable for 1/8th of an Acre
  • Collapsible Water Tank: 600ltr collapsible water tank
  • Farmer's Sprayer: 16 Liter Knapsack Sprayer
  • Gold Medal Seeds: 2 types of seeds for an 1/8th of an acre
  • Fertilizers: One season worth of required fertilizer
  • Agrochemicals: One season worth of required Agro-Chemicals
  • Health & Safety: For the safe usage of the agrochemicals provided
  • Training:Training offered on how to use the kit and a certificate issued upon completion of the training.



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